Blumenhof Winery's Rayon d'Or, a rare varietal wine made from the Rayon d'Or grape

2016 Rayon d'Or

The Wine:

Made from the rare Rayon d’Or grape, this wine offers fresh apple and citrus character that is highlighted by a slightly sweet finish.   [1.7% residual sugar]

The Grape:

Rayon d’Or: (RAY-on DOOR) A grape variety that was widely planted in the Loire Valley of France, where it became a parent of both Seyval and Vidal Blanc. The grapes ripen beautifully in our Treloar, Missouri vineyard, producing a wine that shows both an herbal – citrus crispness and a delightful spiciness. Makes a fine aperitif. Blumenhof grows 1 acre of Rayon d’Or.

1-11 bottles: $16.85 per bottle

12 or more bottles: $13.85 per bottle

Tasting Notes

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Food Pairing

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2016 Vintage

DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL at the 2017 American Wine Society Wine Competition

2015 Vintage

DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL at the 2017 Tasters Guild International Wine Competition

BRONZE MEDAL – 86 POINTS at the 2017 New World International Wine Competition