Blumenhof Winery - Missouri Weinland a semi-dry white wine made with vidal blanc grapes

2016 Missouri Weinland

The Wine:

NEW VINTAGE! Vidal Blanc grapes produced in a fruit-focused Germanic style–a stunning Wine Country Fräulein in a sexy blue dress.   [2.4% residual sugar]

The Grape:

Vidal: (vee-DAHL) Our most versatile white grape is used to make wines ranging in flavor from dry to a sweet late harvest dessert wine. Vidal’s clean, citrus flavors of lemon and grapefruit create wines that will compliment many varieties of foods.  The clusters of Vidal are rather large and the berries have thick skin.  Blumenhof grows 7 acres of Vidal.

1-11 bottles: $19.76 per bottle

MARCH MANIA: $9.88 per bottle in 12 bottle purchases

Tasting Notes

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Food Pairing

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Grape Information

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