Blumenhof Vineyards & Winery owns and operates two vineyards.  The vineyard at the winery in Dutzow, Missouri and our original vineyard in Treloar, Missouri - planted in 1979.  Combined, we own approximately 25 acres of grape vines.  We also purchase a small amount of grapes from small, family-owned vineyards each year, all within the state of Missouri.

The Grapes


Missouri Cabernet Franc - Blumenhof Winery

Cabernet Franc: (ka-bur-nay FRAHNC) one of the world’s oldest wine-making grapes, Cabernet Franc is a parent of the renowned Cabernet Sauvignon grape.  Cabernet Franc thrives in cooler climates such as the Loire Valley in France, and is widely planted in Virginia. However, growing Cabernet Franc (and Cabernet Sauvignon) in Missouri can be a challenge.  Low winter temperatures can cause vines to split or die.  These vines require a lot of attention and care to survive, and even more to thrive.  Blumenhof Winery grows less than an acre of this grape.

Missouri Cabernet Sauvignon - Blumenhof Winery

Cabernet Sauvignon: (ka-bur-nay so-veen-YOHN) this offspring of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc produces a full-bodied red wine.  Less than a handful of Missouri wineries produce wine from Missouri-grown Cabernet Sauvignon.  Our main source of this grape is the Virant Vineyard, located approximately 4 miles from the winery.  These vines were planted in 1989 – some of the oldest vinifera in the state.  Blumenhof Winery grows 0.5 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Missouri Chambourcin - Blumenhof Winery

Chambourcin: (shahm-bor-SAN) produces a medium-bodied dry wine with a fruity aroma and cherry and earthy/spicy complexities. Our vines were first planted in 1980, with a second block planted in 1984, making these vines some of the oldest Chambourcin in Missouri.  Chambourcin has a tendency to produce too much fruit, which can lead to some wines made from this grape to taste thin.  Here at Blumenhof we limit the crop to roughly 3 tons/acre to concentrate varietal character, and promote ripe, jammy flavors. Blumenhof grows 3 acres of Chambourcin.

Missouri Norton/Cynthiana Grapes - Blumenhof Winery

Cynthiana: (sin-thee-AN-uh) Cynthiana (in other parts of Missouri it's know as Norton), a native American grape that produces a rich, full-bodied red wine with character that is often compared with Cabernet Sauvignon. Ever since a Missouri Cynthiana won the First Medal of Merit at the Vienna World Exposition of 1873, this varietal has repeatedly received rapturous reviews from red wine lovers. Brooding dark color accompanied by a bouquet of spicy oak, black cherry, vanilla, and hints of coffee and cocoa. These flavors complement red meats and other richer foods. Blumenhof grows 2 acres of Cynthiana.

Missouri Grown Rayon d'Or

Rayon d’Or: (RAY-on DOOR) A grape variety that has been widely planted in the Loire Valley of France, where it became a parent of both Seyval and Vidal Blanc. The grapes ripen beautifully in our Treloar vineyard, producing a wine that shows both an herbal – citrus crispness and a delightful spiciness. Makes a fine aperitif. Blumenhof grows 1 acre of Rayon d’Or.

Seyval: (say-VAHL) This white grape makes a wine that is crisp and light and exhibits an herbal-citrus character. These flavors compliment lighter foods. It is excellent with seafood, lighter cheeses and pasta dishes. Blumenhof grows 1 acre of Seyval.

Missouri Valvin Muscat - Blumenhof Winery

Valvin Muscat: (vahl-vin muhs-cat) This grape was recently released by Cornell University in New York.  Valvin Muscat is very floral, with large berries, but often have extremely small clusters.  This varietal is quite rare, and produces a unique wine.  We now grow 2 acres of Valvin Muscat.

Missouri Vidal - Blumenhof Winery

Vidal: (vee-DAHL) Our most versatile white grape is used to make wines ranging in flavor from dry to a sweet late harvest dessert wine. Vidal’s clean, citrus flavors of lemon and grapefruit create wines that, other than the dessert wine, will compliment many varieties of foods. Blumenhof grows 5 acres of Vidal.

Missouri Vignoles Grapes - Blumenhof Winery

Vignoles: (veen-YOLE) This grape produces a wine that has a luscious floral aroma and fruity flavors of pineapple, pears, and apricot. The wines are an ideal accompaniment for fresh fruit and fruit desserts. Blumenhof grows 4 acres of Vignoles.