Highway 94 from Defiance to Dutzow Missouri Repaved

What's New (and Delicious) on the New Wine Road

If you've taken a trip down Highway 94 the last few years you may have hit some bumps, maybe a pothole or two - rattling your collection of newly acquired Missouri wines (and perhaps shaking your nerves a bit too).

Thankfully, Highway 94 was upgraded this summer - from I-64/40 all the way to Dutzow, 94 is as smooth as a plump, ripe grape! The road has been resurfaced, significantly widened, rumble strips were added, and many more guard rails were installed. It's like a brand new (and much safer) road - just in time for OKTOBERFEST!

NEW WINE & NEW GRAPE: Crimson Cabernet

Crimson Cabernet - Blumenhof Winery - Grapes grown near New Haven Missouri

A brand new wine has been released at the winery made from a promising new grape variety called Crimson Cabernet.  It's a natural hybrid (not a GMO) bred by crossing Cynthiana (a.k.a. Norton) with Cabernet Sauvignon (which is itself a hybrid of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc). The grapes are grown at Sandy Ridge Vineyard by a grape grower we've known for years located just outside the town of New Haven, Missouri. Sandy Ridge Vineyard is located on a limestone shelf in the hills above the Missouri River bottom where the vines are exposed to an abundance of sun.  

Aged briefly (6 months) in American oak barrels, our Crimson Cabernet shows characteristics of both its parent grapes - the firm backbone and structure of a Cabernet Sauvignon, and the smoky, spicy flavor of Cynthiana.  Only 7 barrels produced - it's available in our Tasting Room every day or in our online shop while supplies last.


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Vineyard Update

Harvest is here!  For the last month or so, we've been busy hauling in grapes from our vineyard - trying our best to pick on cool, dry days.  That hasn't been a challenge in recent memory. We've lucked out with some very dry weather during harvest the past several years, but this year has been quite different. Selecting a date to pick has been difficult and much more important than most years.  Pick too early, and you're stuck with grapes that aren't very expressive with a lot of acidity and green flavor.  Pick too late and the grapes could burst open with a heavy rain, and then rot.

So far, we've picked and crushed all of our white varieties (Seyval Blanc, Vignoles, Valvin Muscat, Rayon d'Or, and Vidal Blanc) and we've managed to avoid any real issues.  Our grapes have arrived in good condition, and despite the cloudy/rainy days it seems like this year's grapes are at least as ripe as they were last year (which was a pretty good year for wine grapes).  

Now that we're finally drying out a little, we're ready to start picking our red varieties and you're invited to come watch us crush them up and ask us questions.  

Here's our rough schedule (dates subject to change):
Chambourcin: PICKED
Cabernet Sauvignon: PICKED
Cabernet Franc: PICKED
Cynthiana: October 18th
Crimson Cabernet: October 23rd
Check out our Facebook page for more precise dates and times as we get closer to the above estimated harvest dates.

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