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Have you been following the political news lately? It's occurred to us that there some parallels between the political campaign and our vineyard right now.  While the two major political parties just had their conventions, our grapes are holding their own sort of "unification process" - veraison.

  • CHANGE (chānj) v. changed, chang•ing, chang•es  1. The mantra of politicians throughout a presidential election cycle: elect me and I'll change everything (or nothing).  2. To make or become different: the color of the grapes are beginning to change.

Veraison marks the last leg of the ripening race for our grapes.  It's when the berries begin to accumulate sugar, increase in size, decrease in harsh/vegetal character, increase in fruity aromas/flavors, and (most dramatically) CHANGE color.  It's pretty amazing to watch - over the course of a couple of weeks the clusters transition from a green color to a gold (in the case of white varieties) or purple (in the case of red varieties). 

However, this CHANGE is rarely smooth.  Some berries are reluctant to adjust, remaining green much longer than the average grape.  It's a great time to spot the bunches of grapes that may not make the best wine. If a cluster of grapes stays green too long, we'll toss them out to ensure unity (a.k.a. - more consistent ripening).

We're excited that veraison is here!  It means there's only a few more weeks until harvest begins, and we get to show you the fruit of our labor and how we make grapes CHANGE into wine.  Like us on Facebook and make sure you see our posts (click here to learn how to do that) - we'll be inviting you to come out and watch us crush, press, and start making wine at the end of August.



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*per bottle in a purchase of 12 or more bottles
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